Tailored to your needs.We are able to offer our fresh, pre-cooked and frozen products as you need them.

We always stayed on top of the bakery industry, looking closely to trends and evolutions in the sector, from bakers to bakeries and from bakeries to bakery departments of the large-scale distribution, keeping the focus on staying the artisans we are, and on innovating our own tradition.

Fresh products

Fresh products are ready for consumption. We cook them in our ovens every morning and we make it available at your business’ door with the shortest possible delay.


Our pre-coocked line allows you to have fresh products right out of the oven every day whenever you prefer, always while preserving the fresh product characteristics. We are able to offer a wide range of products, always warm.


Opting for frozen products allows you to broaden your horizons and to undo space and time, allowing everyone to enjoy flavors, tastes and the fragrance of a product as if it was fresh off the oven.

Thanks to our experience, our research, to the thorough study of the regulations, to our state-of-the-art technology and to our integrated logistic system, we are able to offer you exactly what you were looking for.