A family that carries on the legacy of the
art of baking.

AQA farina is a new reality conceived by the Nocentini family in order to carry on their ancient family baking traditions.

The art of baking represents our passion and our love for baked products. Since 1956, the Nocentini family has been producing bread and schiacciata (flatbread) in Firenze, one of the world capitals of culture and food, and one of the best examples of made in Italy food.

Umberto Nocentini together with his wife Lorena, built the first wood-fired oven in Florence in 1956: since then our products have become ever-present of the families’ tables in Tuscany and beyond.

Our products are the result of the skilled hands of highly qualified men and women. Every day you receive our products at your business’ door and at your home, together with the Tuscan tradition of the old days. Innovation and quality control come together to create the perfect product for you.

Since 1956 until today it has been a long way, and we devoted so much time to the Art of Baking. AQA farina was born form this experience to be a leading company in the Italian, handmade bakery.

AQA farina celebrates the simplicity of expertly blended ingredients.  A caring bond between elements, picked with care and passion, always making sure that our ingredients come from our region. The constant search for quality raw materials makes this bond, day after day, stronger and stronger.

Over the years his son Andrea began to manage and lead the family business, by innovating and transforming it and bringing (Pane, schiacciata and cakes) his products to the table of all Italian people, also thanks to some important partnerships with large-scale distribution.

Hence the decision to combine the historic oven in Florence with a new and innovative production plant and to create the AQA farina brand. This has been a decision that Andrea shared with his children Carolina, Tommaso and Rebecca, the third Nocentini generation.

Today Tommaso supports his father Andrea, and together they keep transforming and innovating the business: they are focused on the enhancement of their production from a sustainability, process innovation and new know-how development point of view.

With their knowledge and their experience backing them, the Nocentini family began to export the Tuscan baking tradition abroad, beyond the Italian market, expanding their commercial horizons.

AQA farina, an endless love