The scent coming from the baker’s production is always an appealing fragrance, a good nose can easily sense the simple and genuine ingredients in it.

AQAfarina’s patisserie embodies a strong confectionery tradition.

Even to this day, the making of some of our cakes and tarts follows the ancient recipes that have been passed down from our founder Umberto Nocentini to us. We bake shortbread biscuits and Tuscan “cantucci”, traditional cakes and tarts and the classic Italian Holiday Cakes.


A rich range of flavors and formats

We offer an excellent selection of cakes and cheesecakes with many options and varieties: from traditional apple pie, granny cake, “mantovana,” and ricotta cakes to the more gourmand and sophisticated delicatessens like pineapple cake, amaretto-peach cake, and pear-chocolate cake.
They are available in several formats and sizes, such as the tray for restaurants or the paper bun


Tasty and genuine tarts, with countless fillings.

Tasty and tarts made with genuine ingredients, and many filling possibilities. Among the most popular: the apricot, blackberry, custard and chocolate tarts. We provide different size to suit each business’ need: the 53oz (1500g) tray and the 17oz, 10.5oz, 7oz and 3.5oz paper bun cases.


Available in several different flavors

Our cheesecakes are our most recent great success. We drew inspiration from the classic American recipe, but we let it be revisited by our Master Bakers and Pastry Chefs. The result is an amazing crunchy base, baked cream cheese topped with delicious berries or chocolate.


Italian Ciambellone & Plumcake

The Italian “ciambella” and the soft and light Plumcake are the most traditional Italian dessert cakes. We offer two great flavors: classic vanilla or “marble cake-like” with chocolate and cream, with sprinkles on top.


Panettone, Colomba & seasonal cakes

The must-have holiday cakes represent the craftsmanship of our company at its best. From the popular Dolce di Natale (Christmas Cake) to the Colomba Pasquale (Easter Cake). We also offer other traditional Tuscan and Italian cakes related to other important local festivities.


Cookies, sweet snacks and breakfast pastries

Children will love these treats! This line offers many delicacies: croissants, biscuits and other products suitable for breakfast or for a sweet break during the day!